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Setting up Move develop environment

Install mpm

Move Package Manager(mpm) is a command line tool to develop move projects, like Cargo for Rust, or NPM for NodeJS.

Install using the convenience script

  1. Run scripts/ installation script) of starcoin-framework, which contains mpm, Rust, PATH config and the move prover environment setup.
curl -Ss | bash /dev/stdin -b -t -p

The command above will install mpm and Rust to default location. It also set the PATH env. Check more arguments in shell script.

Install from binary

Download mpm-[your_os] from the release page of starcoiorg/starcoin, unarchive it and add it to PATH env.

Install from source

From local source code

$ git clone
$ cd starcoin
$ cargo install --path vm/move-package-manager

Or from remote git repo

$ cargo install --git move-package-manager --bin mpm

This will install the mpm binary in your Cargo binary directory. On macOS and Linux this is usually ~/.cargo/bin/. You'll want to make sure this location is in your PATH environment variable.


Now you should be able to run the mpm:

$ mpm
move-package-manager 1.11.11
Starcoin Core Dev <[email protected]>
CLI frontend for the Move compiler and VM


Install IDE plugin

VS Code

Search starcoin-ide in Extensions.

Set up env for move prover

Move Prover is a formal verification tool designed to prevent bugs in smart contracts written in Move language. more

  1. Run installation script) of starcoin-framework
curl -Ss | bash /dev/stdin -bpty

When the above command is executed, type boogie /version and if the output is similar to "Boogie program verifier version X.X.X", then the installation has been successful.

Note that currently Move Prover can only run under UNIX-based operating systems (e.g. Linux, macOS). Windows users can run it by installing WSL.