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Create a new NFT

In this chapter, we will focus on how to create a custom non-fungible token on the Starcoin blockchain. Let's get started.


First, start a dev network described in How to set up a local dev network and get some coins, say 1000000000.

In this document, I will use 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc, the default account address of my dev network, to represent the person who issues and send the new token.

The source file can be found at simple-nft.

Compile the module

Clone the code from github and enter the simple-nft folder:

git clone
cd starcoin-cookbook/examples/simple-nft

Replace the SNFT address with your default address in the Move.toml file.

StarcoinFramework = "0x1"
SNFT = "0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc"

Run mpm release in another shell console for release package:

$ mpm release

Packaging Modules:
Release done: release/simple-nft.v0.0.1.blob, package hash: 0x39bf53490461a9ccf07804312561280e7dafa4ba8ea102913c022de5c9a80555

It will compile the module, and then you will get the binary package simple-nft.v0.0.1.blob in release folder. We will use it then.

We will need to import 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc account to deploy the module.

starcoin% account import -i 0x05c9d09cd06a49e99efd0308c64bfdfb57409e10bc9e2a57cb4330cd946b4e83 -p <MY-PASSWORD>

"ok": {
"address": "0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc",
"is_default": false,
"is_readonly": false,
"public_key": "0x7932502fa3f8c9bc9c9bb994f718b9bd90e58a6cdb145e24769560d3c96254d2",
"receipt_identifier": "stc1pkxds0dm0qz5d73zndz53cp28esyfj4ue"

Get devnet test coins

Get some STC coin from dev net, and it will send 1000000000 STC to the account by default.

starcoin% dev get-coin 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc

Deploy module

Then, unlock the account and deploy SimpleNFT module and SimpleNFTScripts module.

starcoin% account unlock 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc -p <MY-PASSWORD>
starcoin% dev deploy /path/to/simple-nft/release/simple-nft.v0.0.1.blob -s 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc -b

txn 0x60e31b4e4fe974f66b80c3e69c659a573b4022754430bf030576292e1358d7b0 submitted.
"ok": {
"dry_run_output": {
"events": [],
"explained_status": "Executed",
"gas_used": "37536",
"status": "Executed",
"write_set": [
"access_path": "0x00000000000000000000000000000001/1/0x00000000000000000000000000000001::TransactionFee::TransactionFee<0x00000000000000000000000000000001::STC::STC>",
"action": "Value",
"value": {
"Resource": {
"json": {
"fee": {
"value": 322067
"raw": "0x13ea0400000000000000000000000000"

You can see that the transation is submitted and the result status is Executed. That means the module has been deployed.

Execute script function

First,execute the initialize transaction in starcoin console:

starcoin% account execute-function --function 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFTScripts::initialize -b

Then, mint a test nft:

starcoin% account execute-function --function 0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFTScripts::test_mint_with_image_data -b

Last, run account nft list to check the NFT in the account:

starcoin% account nft list
"ok": {
"list": [
"base_meta": {
"description": "test description",
"image": "",
"image_data": "<省略 image_data>",
"name": "test nft"
"body": {
"dummy_field": false
"creator": "0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc",
"id": 1,
"nft_type": "0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFT::SimpleNFT/0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFT::SimpleNFTBody",
"type_meta": {
"dummy_field": false
"uuid": "0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFT::SimpleNFT/0xb19b07b76f00a8df445368a91c0547cc::SimpleNFT::SimpleNFTBody/1"

We can now see a NFT witd id 1 in your account.