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How to participate in a test network

Starcoin testnet introduction

Starcoin has a total of three testnets, Halley, Proxima and Barnard.

Join Halley network

  • Halley

    • Introduction: It is the first test network of Starcoin, and the data on it will be cleaned regularly.
    • Meaning: The name Halley is inspired by Halley's Comet, officially named 1P/Halley, a short-period comet that can be seen from Earth every 75-76 years.
  • Proxima

    • Introduction: It is a long-running test network for Starcoin, released in the third quarter of 2020. Every time a major protocol upgrade is performed on the mainnet, such as the upgrade of starcoin-framework, the network will be reset first, and then the new starcoin-framework will be upgraded.
    • Meaning: The name Proxima is inspired by Proxima Centauri, a small, low-mass star located 4.246 light-years (1.302 pc) from the Sun in the southern constellation Centaurus.
  • Barnard

    • Introduction: As the permanent test network of Starcoin, the Barnard network was launched on 2021/3/27 and is the successor of Proxima.
    • Meaning: The name Barnard is inspired by Barnard's Star, a very low-mass red dwarf star located near the star Ophiuchus, 6 light-years from the Sun.

Join Halley network

starcoin -n halley

Join Proxima network

starcoin -n proxima

Join Barnard network

starcoin -n barnard

Get the Token of the test network

Seed Node JSON-RPC


Connect to test network

Take Barnard test network as an example:

starcoin --connect ws:// --local-account-dir ~/.starcoin/barnard/account_vaults console

where --connect points to the seed node JSON-PRC, and --local-account-dir points to the directory of accouts. You will not be able to execute account related operaions without it.