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How to set up a local dev network

Dev network is a network provided by Starcoin for local development, which allows Starcoin developers to verify smart contracts quickly and conveniently.

Run the local dev network

The following commands can start a new dev node:

starcoin -n dev

Or start a new node through Docker:

docker run --name starcoin -d --network host -v ~/.starcoin/:/root/.starcoin/ starcoin/starcoin:latest /starcoin/starcoin -n dev

Set up a cluster

After starting a node, you can find the address of the node in the log or standard output. It may be shown below:

Self address is: /ip4/

Then, you can start another new node through the following command:

starcoin -n dev --seed /ip4/

--seed option specifies the seed node to form the network.

Repeat these steps, you can get multi-node local development network.

Get STC on dev network

You can find the following information in the first few lines out of the command line:

2022-05-18T02:06:31.882468352+00:00 INFO - Ipc file path: "/tmp/.tmpORwKTS/dev/starcoin.ipc"

This message indicates the storage location of the IPC file of the current dev node.

# Open a new terminal and switch to the data directory of the node
cd /tmp/.tmpORwKTS/dev/

# Get STC
starcoin -c starcoin.ipc dev get-coin -v 100STC

Way of working

The block generation mode of the dev network is different from that of the main network and the test network. The dev network generates blocks on demand, and no blocks are generated without transactions. The time on the dev network does not automatically pass, and the time needs to be changed by generating blocks. If you want to quickly skip time and test, you can use the sleep command.


If the operation is related to the account, it is recommended to connect to the Starcoin console to simplify the operation:

cd /tmp/.tmpORwKTS/dev/
starcoin -c starcoin.ipc console

Get the STC of the dev network in the console

starcoin% dev get-coin -v 100STC

Compared with getting STC directly in the command line, it is more convenient to operate on the Starcoin console.