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Install by docker

Starcoin supports running nodes through Docker, and provides starcoin application images, which can be directly pulled to run locally.

Pull the Docker image

docker pull starcoin/starcoin:latest

Starcoin binary at /starcoin dir in the docker image.

Image tag description

  • latest: indicates the latest release version, including pre-release versions.
  • v1.10.1: indicates the v1.10.1 version of Starcoin.
  • master: The image built from the master branch of the Starcoin repository.
  • sha-7ab632b: indicates the version built from the git commit 7ab632b. 7ab632b is the first 7 chars of the commit's hash.

For example:

docker pull starcoin/starcoin:v1.10.1
docker pull starcoin/starcoin:master
docker pull starcoin/starcoin:sha-7ab632b

Run check

$ docker container run -it starcoin/starcoin:latest bash

# Note: When the prompt changes, it means that the interactive operation has been successfully entered
root@4d622b3fc3b4:/# ls
bin boot dev etc home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv starcoin sys tmp usr var

# The version information is successfully output, indicating that the installation is successful
root@4d622b3fc3b4:/# ./starcoin/starcoin --version
starcoin 1.11.7-rc (build:1.11.7-rc)

Supported image repositories