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Clients of the Starcoin Blockchain submit transactions to request updates to the ledger state.

A signed transaction on the blockchain mainly contains:

  • Sender address — Account address of the sender of the transaction.
  • Sender public key — The public key that corresponds to the private key used to sign the transaction.
  • Program — The program is comprised of the following:
    • A Move bytecode transaction script.
    • An optional list of inputs to the script. For a peer-to-peer transaction, the inputs contain the information about the recipient and the amount transferred to the recipient.
    • An optional list of Move bytecode modules to publish.
  • Sequence number — An unsigned integer that must be equal to the sequence number stored under the sender’s account.
  • Expiration time — The time after which the transaction ceases to be valid.
  • Signature — The digital signature of the sender.


  1. Transaction struct
  2. Transaction type introduce
  3. Transaction Info
  4. Transaction Info accumulator

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